Brother Sean and Sister Lydia were married in 1998 and since have seen God add to them four precious girls and a son. They both have always had a love for singing, playing the piano, and serving others in ministry. Early on in their marriage God began to define this love into a ministry. Brother Sean was called to preach in 1984 and, since, has worked in nearly every aspect of full-time ministry, including pastoring. Now, as an evangelist, his fiery preaching is challenging the hearts of men, women, boys, and girls to be mindful of God. Sister Lydia wrote her first song in 2006 which God has touched many times over. Since, she has continued to write soul-searching, Holy Ghost anointed songs with the help of the whole family. Hopefully soon, there will be a list of these songs and how each one came be. The girls have become an invaluable addition to Brother Sean and Sister Lydia, touching hearts in their own way. God has blessed Ashley, Ellisa, Sabrina, and Jessalynn with servants' hearts and voices as well. Their Son, Brenden, is also showing a love for music and singing and stealing the hearts of many.

The family travels together year-round from coast to coast staying busy mainly with revivals but also some youth meetings, a few campmeetings, and an occasional Gospel music festival. The door to ministering in foreign countries is steadily opening up starting with the Philippines and Canada. For over twelve years the family has planned and prepared for a one day event centered on the needy at Christmas time. Good Tidings Christmas Giveaway for the Needy takes place the Saturday before Christmas Eve in Sevierville, TN. It requires year-round focus and the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas to fulfill this part of their ministry. This is a major outreach involving churches, pastors, individual saints and businesses from more than nine states. It requires eighty plus volunteers, draws hundreds to thousands, and sees many saved. Starting in 2014 during the third week of October, in the Great Smokey Mountains, Hang on to Your Harp Campmeeting will be held in Gatlinburg, TN. With churches coming together from several states, its focus is on family rest and worship and the building up of young preachers through camaraderie and exposure to Holy Ghost leadership.

Though their recorded music is done professionally with an array of instruments, when ministering in churches in song, the family's supporting music is their piano playing unless otherwise requested. If you are interested in their music, on this site, you can listen to clips and purchase full downloadable cds, or individual songs. You can also order the physical CDs and find preaching from Brother Tabb. Purchasing can be done with ease through your Pay Pal account or debit/credit card. This is a ministry of faith; Evangelist Sean Tabb and his family make every effort to go when called upon, paying no mind to 'small' or 'big'. If you would like to support them in their service to the Lord, which helps to make up the difference, click here to make a one-time donation or to provide monthly support. Regular updates of the family's travels and ministry can be found on their Facebook page: The Tabb Family

God bless and draw you unto Himself through this ministry.